Game development for solar water pumps? – Interview with Jens Lorentz from BERNT LORENTZ GmbH

Jens Lorentz, Shareholder & CFO of BERNT LORENTZ GmbH

Jens Lorentz, Shareholder & CFO of BERNT LORENTZ GmbH

BERNT LORENTZ GmbH is a family-owned business and was found 1993 in Germany. Back in the days, they were pioneers in engineering and manufacturing solar water pumps. Today, LORENTZ is the market leader in solar powered water pumping solutions. Nowadays the company is headquartered in Germany with offices in China, India and the U.S.. We talked with Jens LorentzShareholder and CFO of LORENTZ, about the company’s challenges, making a difference in the world and why they are currently looking for software developers, who possibly offer game development skills.

Games-Career: Please describe your company. What’s the core business of Lorentz?

Jens Lorentz: LORENTZ is an engineering company focused on delivering off-grid water solutions. We design, develop and manufacture products with solar powered water pumps at the center of what we do. The company is fully integrated so we are in the fortunate position of doing all of our engineering and manufacturing in house. Having all engineering disciplines under one roof and having teams working on products from end to end makes our work interesting and fulfilling for all involved. Software is an important part of delivering our products and services. We have extensive software development from market leading embedded code in our controllers, through to best in class sales channel and customer apps. LORENTZ have led the off-grid market in remote monitoring and management, we had Cloud based IoT solutions in place before Cloud and IoT became buzzwords.

Games-Career: How do your products help the environment? Please give us some examples (e.g. projects that you do).

Jens Lorentz: We use solar technology, to power pumps that sustain the lives of millions of people, their livestock and their crops. Our pumps replace dirty diesel powered pumps in off-grid environments. Our technology is reducing the world carbon footprint by something equivalent to the CO2 output of a country like Rwanda. While our products are good for the environment we are also making a big difference to people’s lives: Food security and prosperity of communities, economies and countries health, wealth and safety. We are in the business of doing good things. Sustainability is core to our product development and sales strategy. We build solutions that are environmentally and financially sustainable (through payment integration) and also socially sustainable to fit in with local needs for water.

LORENTZ's projects are environmentally, financially and socially sustainable.

LORENTZ’s projects are environmentally, financially and socially sustainable.

Games-Career: You are looking for software developers at the Global Headquarters & Technology Center near Hamburg. What are the tasks of software developers regarding the production and distribution of water pumps?

Jens Lorentz: We are looking for developers that can help to keep LORENTZ as the market leader (recognized by Frost and Sullivan in 2018 for this). It starts from the heart of our products with embedded development (using the latest processors), NFC technology, LoRa, Bluetooth and cellular communication. We then need developers for a range of web and back end technologies (JS, serverless) for system configuration, remote management of devices, system planning and online administration. We also need App developers (Android) for customer and technical apps that do the daily management of our systems on site. Software is one of our biggest differentiators and we want to stay ahead.

Games-Career: You are hiring at Why are you interested in engineers with skills in game development?

Jens Lorentz: Game development is very fast moving, needs continuous innovation and is an area where we see real creativity is needed to set you apart from the mass. These are the traits that we need in our business to keep us ahead. We have a great team with some fantastic ideas that we need the help of some smart and creative individuals to help us realize these ideas.

Games-Career: What do you offer your employees and how can they develop their skills?

Jens Lorentz: One of the things we can offer is that employees work in an international team, can solve real world problems that make a difference to people and can see the results of their work very quickly. Being a midsized company, we do operate flexibly and employees always have the chance to work on different projects and even in different roles. We do develop good people inline with their career aspirations and have several examples where staff has even changed disciplines. The company also offers part sponsorship of continued education as well as the chance to work between our facilities Hamburg and Beijing if they like. And of course, we have the usual free coffee, tea, water, fruit, in house massage service, accident prevention, retirement provision, team events, free parking and the possibility to do home office.

Thank you for the interview, Jens Lorentz! We wish you the best of luck and success for your important work to support the world’s people and environment with your products.
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