Behind the Scenes: Interview with Blagoja Milevski, Creative Team lead at Exozet GmbH

In today’s interview, Blagoja Milevski from Exozet (also known as Bane) gives us a “Behind the Scenes” interview. By giving companies in the gaming industry the opportunity to present themselves, we want to provide support to potential applicants to find out which company suits them best and which qualities are appreciated in new employees. “Bane” tells us, amongst other things, what working at Exozet is about, what benefits they offer to their staff and what future plans they have.

Who are you? Please describe Exozet and yourself.

My name is Blagoja Milevski but everyone uses my nickname – Bane. I’m the Creative Team Lead here at Exozet.
We support our clients from finding ideas to develope prototypes to the final solution. We live for mobile and immersive technologies, and we increasingly rely on virtual and augmented reality experiences as well as on mobile and NewTV applications. Likewise included amongst our long-standing expertise are complex web platforms and video management systems. We predominantly work for clients in the automotive, media, sports, and finance industries, like Audi, the BBC, Deutsche Telekom, Freenet TV and ZDF.
As the Creative Team Lead, I am responsible for the overall visual appearance of the games that we develop. Starting from the concept stage, up till the final graphics that you see in the final versions. Working along with a great and passionate team, we as creatives try to translate ideas to stunning visuals.

What is working at Exozet about?

Working at Exozet is all about changing the digital landscape of the world. Together, we develop ideas, strategies, concepts, and products – all for the digital transformation. Using innovative and agile methods, we unleash all of our creative energy and shape the best products. Our mission is to make millions of people smile – and this is also our motto when developing digital products and services for and with our clients.

At Exozet, they increasingly rely on virtual and augmented reality experiences.

At Exozet, they increasingly rely on virtual and augmented reality experiences.

What is your corporate culture like?

We are a digital agency with around 200 employees, but we all share the startup mentality. We love to experiment, we love to learn and we love to have fun when working, while sharing the same ideas and values. Everyone here feels responsible for the future of the company and cares for the same dream. Working agile and with scrum really agrees with us and we love it, thats why we work in small and empowered teams around our projects.
With us, you can be yourself and contribute your special abilities. Because we rely on diversity. Our teams consist of people from different work disciplines with very different soft skills. That’s what makes us stronger.

What is of special importance to you concerning the profiles of applicants?

Having passion about the things that you do! We love hearing your stories and helping you to further develop them.

Do you have special offers for employees to increase the long-term employee retention?

We have a really relaxed and flexible environment in Exozet. Because we don’t want your time with family and friends to be neglected. We have flexible working hours and part-time models, make it possible to work from home, and find a relaxed solution for almost all needs. That’s how we stay agile.
We have an office with one spectacular view. From the 7th floor, we overlook the entire Tempelhofer Feld! 
Besides that, our office has more things to offer – from la macchina for delicious espresso to the slightly different snack machine and the obligatory football table. Not to mention the unforgettable summer parties and monthly events. And yeah, we are a dog friendly company. 

What are Exozet’s plans for the future?

Exozet has a bright future! We definitely plan to grow and expand. The demand on the market for an agency like ours is huge and we have the support form our happy customers.
The next generation is important to us. That’s why we’re always looking toward the future and developing solutions that will still inspire everyone. 

Thank you, Bane, for the nice interview! If you are interested in Exozet, visit their website at

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