Summer Bootcamp Influencer Marketing and Content Creation at Games Academy Berlin from August 5-16


A growing trend in both gaming and marketing is the development of video content for social media platforms. Games Academy students have been shooting Youtube videos since 2010, but following the rise of the digital ‘influencer,’ and the marketing channels that have opened up around them, they have discovered that producing content for social media apps presents a number of difficult challenges. During the ten day Influencer Marketing and Content Creation bootcamp from August 5 – 16, 2019, Lecturer Howard Hunt will teach students how to develop striking visual content for Facebook, Instagram, and other smartphone applications.

This brandnew course will help digital content creators understand how influencers have managed to build and grow their audiences, and will give you the tools to do this yourself. Content will be filmed and edited on the latest iPads (the cameras of which are excellent) and the classes will be focussed on the development of messaging strategies designed to make viewers watch, follow, and subscribe to your content.

Green Screen Studio @ Games Academy Campus Berlin

Green Screen Studio @ Games Academy Campus Berlin © Games Academy

While week one deals with topics like The Influencer Ecosystem, Understanding Communities, Developing a Platform, Planning your Content and Brand and Channel Management, week two will be more practical. You will learn everything you need to know about Cameras, Microphones, Lights, Digital Editing Systems, Directing Videos, Post-Production and Upload.

Howard Hunt

Howard Hunt © Games Academy

Lecturer Howard Hunt is the former CEO of Dustcloud, an Augmented Reality gaming company that was a Sony Partner in 2014. He has taught filmmaking at HFF, FAMU and The Prague Film School, and presently teaches Digital Marketing and Marketing Communications at HDPK in Berlin.

After the Summer Bootcamp, the course will be added to the 2019 winter curriculum. More information on:

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