#EmployeeExperience with Omoloro Oyegoke, Senior Backend Software Developer at InnoGames

Omoloro Oyegoke, Senior Backend Software Developer at InnoGames

Omoloro Oyegoke, Senior Backend Software Developer at InnoGames

Omoloro Oyegoke has been working as Senior Backend Software Developer for InnoGames since December 2017. When he first arrived at Hamburg, where the developer and provider of online games is based, the company made a big effort to make onboarding easy for him. In the interview, Omoloro remembers his first days and tells us about InnoGames’ company culture and why he likes it, in a very personal manner.

Please, introduce yourself shortly and tell us which department you are working in.

Hello! I’m Omoloro Oyegoke. I’m 28 and I currently work as a Senior Backend Software Developer at InnoGames.

Since when have you been working with InnoGames and how can your position be described?

I started working at InnoGames in December 2017. My department is responsible for creating and maintaining the common underlying software systems used by every game in InnoGames’ portfolio. This includes, but is not limited to payment, player account management, marketing, and analytics.

How and what were your first week’s experiences at InnoGames?

My first day was spent being shown the important sections of the office by the HR team (e.g. table-tennis and kitchen) and also setting up my work station.

I arrived in Hamburg with a sweatshirt, but no jacket… in December, so a colleague took me shopping for a jacket after work.

The rest of the week flew by with me learning about the company and the systems I would be working with, fully setting up my working environment, and even completing my first programming task.

I capped the week off on Friday by joining half of my department on a trip to a Christmas Market. I had my first Glühwein (mulled wine) and learned the proper protocol to saying “Prost!”.

How have you been supported with onboarding at InnoGames?

I have to mention my interview experience to properly talk about my onboarding. Before extending an offer to me, InnoGames hosted me for a few days in Hamburg. I met with my potential team and we were to get a sense of what it would be like to work with each other.

A member of the Human Resources team even took me on a mini-tour around the city during this period so I had an idea of what to expect if I moved here.

This meant that even before starting work, I had a good sense of the company, the city and my colleagues, so that they were not absolute strangers when I eventually started.

Soon after I had signed my contract, InnoGames hired a relocation agency for me. This completely streamlined the processes of getting the necessary documents and appointments for the various government offices.

The agency also supported me in my apartment search and helped make the process of securing an apartment far less stressful than it could have been.

Since InnoGames provides initial accommodations for people relocating from outside of Hamburg, the whole transition was seamless.

I also had lots of support from the HR team before and shortly after arriving. All my emails were answered quickly, and they even helped with translating documents when Google Translate didn’t quite capture the spirit of what I needed to express.

Omoloro appreciates his goal-oriented work and the great company culture at InnoGames

Omoloro appreciates his goal-oriented work and the great company culture at InnoGames

What do you particularly like about your new position?

I like the fact that my department at InnoGames is goal-oriented without being excessively stressful. A lot of attention and effort is put into training employees and improving processes. Feedback is usually taken very seriously and acted upon.

I also appreciate the balance between structured guidelines and creative freedom that I’m given to accomplish goals. Overall, I think InnoGames has a great culture and it is clear that the company is very particular about preserving this and improving where possible.

How did you get to your current position and which career steps have you taken so far?

I always try to put myself in situations where I’m forced to learn and better myself, whether it’s new technologies, a new language, or soft skills.

This has meant that over the course of my career, I’ve frequently landed in difficult and stressful positions, but in the end, when the goal is accomplished, nothing can take away the knowledge and experience gained.

I also actively try to share knowledge and help people do their work more efficiently. Sharing knowledge helps me internalise things better and has helped build my interpersonal skills, which has been very valuable in my career development.

Do you have any advice you would like to impart to potential applicants?

It’s important to understand the building blocks of whatever technologies/frameworks you claim to know. Always seek to learn from every experience and apply that knowledge to the next. If there is something you want to learn, InnoGames really invests in its employees and offers countless training and educational opportunities so express your interest and willingness to learn.

Don’t underestimate the importance of a good company culture when looking for your next job. You spend most of your waking hours with your co-workers; life is better for everyone when you enjoy working with each other.

Since your career entry has been accomplished, which further plans concerning your occupational advancement at InnoGames do you have?

I’m making efforts to learn more about how the various departments at InnoGames work. I have found that it is necessary for me to understand how my personal work, and the work of my team, functions in coordination with other teams’ work concerning the overall company goals for us to make consistent, positive contributions.

Thank you, Omoloro, for sharing your experiences and positive attitude with us. Who got infected by InnoGames company-spirit and feels like working there, too, can check out all recent vacancies on the company profile.



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